150 St Clare’s Families Attend Fun Night

Over 150 people attended Family Fun Night on September 19, 2014.

Ms. Margaret's kitchen served pizza, and ice cream all night. Ms. Gayli and Ms. Chris helped the children decorate over 100 cookies. Ms. Debbie and Ms. Linda kept the line moving on the beading table. And did you see the face painting? Ms. Erica, Ms. Erma, and Ms. Veronica were busy all night with those brushes. I think the biggest hit in the yard was the Reptile Zoo, followed closely by the massive bubbles the children were making.

A great addition to the festivities was the Family Disco complete with disco ball, thank you Keith Lam for being our DJ!

The Preschool Board hosted a raffle that made $1,215. We will use the money to buy extra Unit Blocks, and block accessories for the classes.

Unit Blocks are great learning tools at Preschool. They are called unit blocks because they are proportional in size to help math, and spatial skills develop. Building together, adds social skills learning as well.

Thank you all for your generosity in supporting the raffle. When the teachers have decided what they are buying I will let you all know what they chose.

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