Corazon Builds

We have the opportunity to participate in two Corazon (That’s builds in Mexico) this year! The first build was on April 16. It is being paid for by the Catholic Church but they don’t have the manpower. If you’d like to attend please sign up on the Corazon website ( and sign up for Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church-Santa Barbara build. We will arrange car polls if we get sign ups, but we need to stay in hotels. Our next build is June 25. This is our deanery build. We will be staying at St. John’s in Chula Vista. Again, sign up on the Corazon website under Southern Alameda Deanery build.

Join us in building a house in Mexico in one day! We will travel down on the June 24, build on June 25, and return home on June 26. All person will need a valid passport. Please contact the church office (925) 462-4802 for more details.