Fine Motor Skills development at St. Clare’s Preschool

The highest level skill humans perform with their hands is handwriting. Children have the most success with learning how to write when their hands are appropriately developed. Children who write before they are developmentally ready may experience difficulties such as poor pencil grip, and letter formation habits that are difficult to change. In fact, Kindergarten teachers tell us that they would rather teach a child who cannot write at all, then try to teach a child to unlearn unhelpful habits. Building fine motor skills does not involve pencils and worksheets. In our youngest classes at St Clare’s, the Pandas, the Bears and the Tigers the teachers develop hand muscles by the following activities Play doh, squeeze squirters, child tweezers, lacing cards, and stringing beads

At home you can play games that help with fine motor muscle development, and the children think they’re just having fun!

Games to have around the house are Ants in the Pants, Don’t Break the Ice, Operation, Lite Brite, and card games