Kevin Adler – Homeless POV Nearshot

Kevin Adler, founder of Homeless POV

On June 7, a friend of Fr. Ron and one-time member of St. Clare’s, Kevin F. Adler came to talk about his moving work with homeless people entitled Nearshot — also known as Homeless POV.

NearShot is a media + interaction company that uses smart phones, wearable cameras, and social media to humanize and help reconnect society's most vulnerable individuals, beginning with the homeless. Kevin started NearShot in honor of his Uncle Mark, who lived on and off the streets for 30 years before he died in a half-way house alone at the age of 50.

Later this year, Kevin will embark on a cross-country road trip to capture 100 stories of homelessness across America, helping to record and deliver #miraclemessages as he goes alongside nonprofit partners and local volunteers. In #miraclemessages, NearShot’s first series, homeless people record short video messages to their loved ones, which they attempt to deliver using Facebook, Instagram, and other online platforms.

Can the power of social media reconnect them after all these years? They are set to find out, and in doing so, create a better alternative to reality TV — one that is both compelling and socially impactful.

Here is one example: Johnny Dwyer is a homeless man in SF from Oxnard. He recorded a short video to his siblings, whom he hasn't seen in 30+ years. In under two weeks and after hundreds of shares on a few Oxnard FB groups, they were able to reconnect him with his brothers and sisters. Johnny had been a missing person for 22 years.