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Whether you are looking for a new church home or just curious about what St. Clare's has to offer, our doors are open to you. We invite you to explore the variety of our worship, fellowship, and formation opportunities, as well as our many remarkable programs. Whether you are new to St. Clare's or have been attending for years, we would like to offer you the opportunity to experience our deep and rich community life. We hope you will find that getting involved in our parish community deepens your spiritual journey and provides you with a sense of belonging among God's people.

Come join your spiritual journey with ours as we deepen our relationship with God and one another and explore living more full and compassionate lives.



Congregation History

Our church beginning was a work of love founded on the faith of a few families and individuals who were seeking a church in their own community of Pleasanton. St. Clare’s was not an established church seeking families, but an altogether new work of God. With the commitment and hard work of the first members, and a healthy dose of God’s grace and guidance, the Mission named St. Clare’s established May 29, 1974, and grew to become a full parish in 1990.

The first few families, like most of those who come today, were families and individuals: people who were earnestly seeking a quality Christian worship environment for themselves and their families. Appropriately, the first stories of St. Clare’s, in a very active sense, are children’s stories. Even the space for meeting was used by a childcare center during the week, and the first step outward was taken by the Sunday School children who, holding their places on a rope, were led across the street to their Sunday school class at the YWCA. Young people created the first permanent parish artwork, a beautiful , colorful mural that hung in the sanctuary until our recent remodeling.

Today, St. Clare’s Episcopal Church is a warm and loving congregation, passionate in mission and its love for God and neighbor. All people are welcome in this church! We represent a broad base of believers in the Anglican tradition, who work together for the reign of God. At St. Clare’s there are no boundaries on faith, no borders on hope, no limits on love. We are more than just a church building, we are the face of Jesus for each other, our community, and the world.

We take our mission seriously and with passion: Know Christ, Grow in Christ, Server Christ, and Share Christ!

Join us!