At the end of each service, Father Ron reminds us: “Look for the face of the Lord Jesus in everyone you meet; and may everyone you meet see the face of the Lord Jesus in you.”

At St. Clare’s, our ministry blesses those well beyond our doors, from our hungry and hurting neighbors in the Tri-Valley, to the victims of natural disasters around the country, to families in need of decent housing in Mexico. We are committed to being the faces that shine with God’s love, and the hands the do Christ’s work in the world. Each time a new person is baptized into the life of the church, we join with them in reaffirming our own baptismal covenant to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbor as ourselves, and to strive for justice and peace among all people, respecting the dignity of every human being.

Through St. Clare’s ministry to each other, the community, and the world, we as a people try, with our Loving God's help, to put those words into action. Come join us, and grow in faith and service.



Building Community by strengthening families, enabling service, promoting self-sufficiency and inspiring mutually beneficial relationships across borders.
Sacred Space


Un-housed and housed people called by God into Christian community and ministry for the purpose of transforming lives.