The Importance of a Regular Family Game Night

I was thinking about the education and experience I have had in Early Childhood Education in the last 8 years, since coming to St Clare’s and how blessed my theoretical future grandchildren are going to be with their knowledgeable Grandma! I wanted to share some of these insights with you over the next few issues of The Buzz.

This article is about the importance of playing board and card games with young children.
And yes, we did own board games from Candyland up, when my kids were little. However what I’d do differently now is to make it a regular part of our family schedule,

For instance Friday night is game night. I would make sure I talked about the night, and the fun we would have so the children are prepared in advance. I would make sure special treats were available, pizza, ice cream, whatever the children love.

Playing board games teaches children to learn and follow rules, helps fine motor skill development with all those fiddle bits every game seems to have. It also teaches, as the children get older, that games have winners and if you don’t win this week, maybe you will next. That’s why regular playing is important so the children believe there will be another time when they might win. I would also realize that setting up the game, and talking about it is as much part of the learning process, as the actual game.

I think if I had thought about “Game Night“ as a great learning opportunity I would have been more inclined to make time for them regularly, even when I was exhausted by work, commuting, and life
What do you think?

Ms. Sue


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