Vacation Bible School was a Hit

More than fifty young people, ages preschool through fifth grade, had a “roaring” good time at St. Clare’s “Weird Animals” Vacation Bible School. A ministry of both St. Clare’s and Lynnewood United Methodist, the program was so successful that registration had to turn people away.

“After we hit fifty four people we just didn’t have enough materials for all who wanted to attend this year’s program,” said St. Clare’s member Brian Clay.

“We could have easily handled 100 people” said Fr. Ron, “However, it becomes cost prohibitive when we don’t know how many are going to show up.”

Those that did attend learned about Jesus’s love for us and had a good time doing so. From Bible Adventures (where children experienced the bible through dramatic interaction) to games, to snacks, to video theater and more, our volunteers did an outstanding job.

A great round of thanks belongs to Brian Clay for organizing the event and to Liz Allen who filled in as Director at the very last moment. Other church volunteers included Pat Smith, Judie Totah, Dale and Laura Bowman, Marion Pallesen, Carol Pendery, David Huettig, Drew Melby, Ed Maddox, Betsy Hoffmann, Kathy Oliver, Jason Swiers, Rich and Alyssa Czyzewski, and Fr. Ron.

Speaking of Fr. Ron, he led both the Animal Stampede (The Opening of VBS), The Tail End (The closing of VBS), and co-led Bible Adventure with Pat Smith. All of this involved dancing, singing, and talking about the bible.

This year’s program also raised more than $130.00 for Operation Kid to Kid, a ministry that provides clean water to children in India. St. Clare’s parishioners got a taste of the VBS program on Sunday, August 10, when both Fr. Ron and the children of the congregation sang and led (motions included) “All Around the World” and “Give it Away!” The smiles on parishioners’ faces were testimony to the songs’ uplifting power. In conclusion, plans are underway for next year’s program, which Fr. Ron says will be even bigger than this year.