Infants, Toddlers, and Children:

We have found that our parents prefer to have their children in church with them instead of leaving them with a sitter. While that may mean a few fussy babies or wiggly toddlers, we think that’s OK. We’re just glad to have you and your children in church where they can start learning the Good News from an early age. Children are gifts beyond compare in their expressions of delight, wonder and surprise. Their fresh perspectives challenge us; keeping us vital and invigorated. There are busy bags at the church entrance if you want one. We also offer seasonal ‘Faith at Home’ bags — for Lent, Summertime, and Advent —  which include family-friendly activities and reflections to enhance and deepen your conversations about God, church, and living a Christian life.

Communion Classes:

For those who want their children to have a deeper understanding of the Eucharist, we offer a communion class for children, which is held each winter. This class is NOT a prerequisite to receiving communion. All people are welcome to participate in the holy meal that is the Eucharist, either by receiving the bread and wine or by getting a blessing, and we respect your decision as to when your children initially receive communion. You may help them receive the bread and wine, or you can have them cross their arms and the priest will give them a blessing instead. Click to request more information about Communion Classes

Youth Programs:

The Middle School and High School students of our parish are invited to join together to form a nurturing, creative, loving, and safe community of faith. The youth community is a place where teens can explore the unfolding dimensions of their life and faith and ask any questions without fear of censure. Through conversation, worship, prayer, games, food, Bible study, and relaxing fun, teens are invited to deepen their faith and be part of building up the body of Christ in community. Past activities have included game nights, campfire sing-alongs, ski retreats – even a pilgrimage to Ireland in 2015.

Adult Education:

A variety of special classes and discussion groups are held throughout the year, often meeting in the Rector’s office on weeknights of after Sunday services, or held on-line. We also have special events to broaden our perspectives, like workshops led by Episcopalians for Action, or our ‘Movies that Matter’ series. Click to request more information on our Adult Education Program



Even if you are not yet a member of the congregation, you can arrange to have yourself, your child, or a family member baptized in the church. God establishes an indissoluble bond with each person in baptism and it is the foundation for all church participation. Baptisms are held regularly at St. Clare’s and full details are available through the church office. Click here request information on baptisms at St. Clare’s


As we grow in faith, it is important to own for ourselves the vows made on our behalf at baptism.  Confirmation classes for teens and adults are typically offered during Lent at St. Clare’s, with confirmation itself held at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. For more information, please contact the church office. Click here for more information on confirmation classes at St. Clare’s